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This page helps members and their families staying updated with other Masonic families and to be in touch with what's happening in Lodge Asoka.

We were happy to report "Nil Arrears" and "0" Cessations during 2005 and 2006. Thank you brethren for being prompt with your payment of dues to the Lodge. Memo of Account for 2007 has already been couriered to all members. Kindly pay promptly and let us feel proud of our record of "Nil" arrears.

Birthday Greetings from the Almoner

Birthday Greetings to our following Brethren celebrating their Birthdays in:


John AJ 4/9/1976 98415 88900
Krishna Bhatt N 4/9/1954 94442 11717
Abraham P Verghese 5/9/1950 94440-18656
Nandakumar L 12/9/1963 0 98110 35230
Venkat Ramana R V 19/09/1981 0 99800 33335
Vikkrem Parrekh 20/09/1969 99402 14440
Vijaykumar Gauhar 21/09/1940 98401-71202
Arvindh Thampi 21/09/1982 0120-24589897
Shankar Narayan S 30/09/1960 98410 78141

The Lodge has an Almoner's Fund which is applied for relief to Masons and their families in time of need and for other Charitable purposes.

Contribute to this fund on the occasion of your birthday or that of a loved one. Your cheque drawn in favour of "Lodge Asoka Almoner's A/c" may be posted or handed over to the Treasurer.

Let me know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members. - Webmaster

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