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This page lists Asoka's masonic events and activities of the previous month as also our  schedule for the immediate future.  This page, as also most other pages of this site are updated every month, so please check back often to stay up to date.

March 2009

In Retrospect

Lodge Asoka Installation Meeting was held on Friday 13th March. In the presence of R W Bro Varanasi Narasimham, R W Regional Grand Master The Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India. Witnessed a wonderful ceremony.  All members and visiting brethren acknowledged and appreciated both the outgoing W. Master Bro Dr Jai Prakash Srinivasan and Incoming W. Master Bro Sreedharan Srikanth for the excellent ceremony. Installation meeting was followed by festive board hosted by W. Master Bro Sreedharan Srikanth.

March Charities



Muscles & Wheels – Ankle-Foot-Orthosis, Custom made wheel chair, Lower-Limb-Gaiters & Spinal Braces costing in all Rs.39,000 were presented before commencement of our March Installation meet to 12 children suffering from Muscular Dystrophy in the immediate presence of R.W.Bro.VARANASI NARASIMHAM, R.W.Regional Grand Master
The Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India.
The Family Page of our website at carries pictures from Muscles & Wheels.

We Thank all the Brethren and non members for their contribution. 


The Family Page of the website carries pictures from Muscles & Wheels.



Bro Ashok Mohan Chabria Prize for the best Ritualist among Master Masons in the Lodge holding Principal or Assistant Offices
W Bro PCM Somasundaram Prize for the best Ritualist among Master Masons in the Lodge not holding Principal or Assistant Offices
W Bro KR Kothandaraman Prize for the best delivery of an allotted portion of the Ritual Working in a competition held for Master Masons in the Lodge (This year’s portion: “Further Entrustment - III Degree”)
W Bro SBS Raman Mementos for the Ruling Master and Past Masters in the Lodge who attended 100% of meetings during the year
W.Bro.Dwarakanath Kumar ( Fifth year in succession )
W.Bro. V. K. Raj Tilak
W Bro Swami Mahadevan Mementos  for Master Masons in the Lodge  who attended 100% of meetings during the year
Bro.B.Ramesh ( Third Year in succession )
W Bro Amritlal Bagga Trophy for a most loveable member within and without the Lodge
W.Bro.Sam Sargunar
W Bro Basantlal Bagga Trophy for the best essay by a member on an assigned Masonic subject (This year’s topic: “Brotherly Love, Relief & Truth –Guiding Principles of Freemasonry”)
Bro.V.Raveender ( Fourth year in succession)
W Bro Capt J Laxminarayanan Trophy for the most promising Mason who has demonstrated marked improvement during the year
Bro.John Anand Jesudas
W Bro Baldevji Trophy for the best Past Master who participates in the activities of the Lodge for his role as Charity Project Co ordinator – Regular  Attendance,Motivating and collecting funds, helping with arranging AFO's, Wheel Chairs during Regular meetings, at outstation meeting and  at GRT Temple Bay for MDA Annual celebrations, Participation in Area meet
W. Bro.S.Srinivasan( Juni)  D of C

Let me know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members. - Webmaster

April 2009

In Prospect

Lodge Asoka Committee meeting is scheduled to be held on Friday, the 10th April, 2009 at the Committee Room, Freemasons' Hall.


Lodge Asoka regular meeting will be on Sat 25 April 2009 at 6 pm.  Asokans are requested to make it a point to attend this meet on time. The meeting will, as usual, be preceded by a Muscles & Wheels charity project and followed by festive board.

Birthday Greetings from the Almoner

Birthday Greetings to our following Brethren celebrating their Birthdays in:


Bro Bharatkumar K. Shah 1st

Bro Radhey Shyam. S 10th

Bro Ranga Bhashyam P.G. 11th

W Bro Samuel Nambi Sargunar 13th

W Bro Capt. S. Seshadri 19th

Bro Venkatesan V. 21st

Bro Rao I.M.Rao 25th

W Bro Venkatakrishna S. 26th

W Bro Tarun Kumar Bagga 28th

W Bro Prabhakar N.C. 30th

The Lodge has an Almoner's Fund which is applied for relief to Masons and their families in time of need and for other Charitable purposes.

Contribute to this fund on the occasion of your birthday or that of a loved one. Your cheque drawn in favour of "Lodge Asoka Almoner's A/c" may be posted or handed over to the Treasurer.


If you are already a Freemason and would like to visit or join Lodge Asoka, you are invited to attend our meetings as a Visiting Brother.
If you are not a Freemason, contact us for details on how you can become one.

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